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I’ve got the beginnings of a curry on the go and I’m pacing back and forth starting one thing and another, sending an e-mail, checking Twitter, watching a couple of minutes of The Sopranos, picking up now Tony Judt and Timothy Snyder’s Thinking the Twentieth Century, now a Czech translation of John Irving’s wonderful A Prayer for Owen Meany, which I failed to finish in English a few years ago. I’m tired. Sleepy, though I had a lie down a little while back. It’s the familiar result of a probiotic drink I had about an hour back. Under researched and often written off as pseudo-scientific nonsense* I get something known as candida die off reaction in a number of situations including when I follow a diet likely to get my ADHD and other conditions including a propensity to depression and a good handfuls of traits of asperger’s syndrome** under control, when I increase my intake of probiotics too quickly, when I stay off alcohol, which like other foods I ought to avoid, has a detrimental affect on my the above conditions, and so on and so forth. When I get through the period of tiredness, irritability, restlessness and anger, that is brought on by the Candida die off, I feel a general sense of wellbeing, my symptoms of ADHD are a great deal better, and I manage to cope with my life for a time. But, life being what it is, sooner or later, I cannot cook, eat well, avoid the long list of trigger foods and drinks, and the cycle starts again.