The Hearing Voices Network

Posted: March 11, 2015 in Uncategorized

I just felt the need to send this e-mail at work. I won’t go into the reasons why.

This came up today. It’s a short interview with a woman who hears 13 voices. She takes no medication and copes well. She is a trustee of the Hearing Voices Network. I enclose a .pdf of the study mentioned in the bumf below the clip, but the clip itself (3 mins) will tell you most of what is relevant here.

If you are into learning more about any of this (meaning the wider question of how disease categories have been formulated and their prognoses essentially defined; a curiously arbitrary process in many instances), I would recommend a book where I first heard about the Hearing Voices Network, Madness Explained by Richard Bentall. Basically if diseases are defined and understood one way by doctors etc., people get ill and remain ill for life. If they are defined and understood another way, they cope and stay, for all (or most) practical purposes, well. I consider this a useful thing to remember, and not merely in the medical sphere since it has ramifications for everything from education to our wider culture.

For a literary take on this as regards the DSMV, see here.

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